Mr. Jean-Marie Crémer, Belgium

Mr. Jean-Marie Crémer, Belgium, has received the 2005 IABSE Award of Merit in Structural Engineering "in recognition of his major contributions leading to significant progress in the field of bridge engineering, in particular through the design of efficient, elegant, economic and innovative structures".  Professor Manfred Hirt, President of IABSE, presented the Award to Mr Crémer during the Opening Session of the IABSE Symposium ‘Structures and Extreme Events’, Lisbon, on September 14, 2005.

After working with a civil engineering contractor, Jean-Marie Crémer joined René Greisch in 1973, for collaboration on the architectural design of bridges.

Together, they designed and built many bridges of different kinds: steel, composite steel/concrete and prestressed concrete. Their design philosophy, based on efficiency, economy, and aesthetics, resulted in the construction of ambitious, structurally precise and high-quality projects.


Jean-Marie Crémer, now the Chief Executive Officer of the Bureau d’Études Greisch, design consultancy, has developed a passion for the erection and for aesthetics of structures. He is convinced that good design can only result from sound knowledge of how things are built.

He has been responsible for the design of a great many bridges built using translocation techniques. He is fond of these methods because of their valuable advantages, namely, superior standard of work, enhanced worker safety, and reduced cost as a result of enhanced productivity and time savings.

Among the many projects he has worked on, he counts a number of records: by rotation, with Ben Ahin Bridge (Belgium), for incrementally launched concrete bridges, with the Sart Canal Bridge (Belgium) and, at Millau (France), for the highest temporary bridge support, highest bridge, and longest incremental launch. Jean-Marie Crémer has designed more than 60 bridges in the last 35 years, complex projects that have been successfully concluded due to the erection methods he has developed.