Prof. Manfred A. Hirt, Switzerland

Jacques Combault, President of IABSE, has presented Honorary Membership to Professor Manfred Hirt, Switzerland  'in high appreciation of his outstanding and dedicated service to the Association, in particular as President of IABSE from 2004 to 2007'. The Award Presentation took place at the Opening Ceremony of the IABSE Congress 'Creating and Renewing Urban Structures - Tall Buildings, Bridges and Infrastructure', on September 17, 2008 in Chicago, USA.

Professor Hirt, recent Director of the Steel Structures Laboratory (ICOM) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Lausanne (EPFL), is known on the international scene for his expertise in the field of fatigue and fracture mechanics of steel structures, loads and action on structures, structural safety and service ability and steel-concrete composite construction.

He joined IABSE in 1972, and has since then held numerous functions within the Association: notably member, then Technical Secretary of Working Commission 2 'Steel, Timber and Composite Structures'. He was member of the Publications Committee and of several Scientific Committees of IABSE conferences. Professor Hirt was Chair of the Technical Committee (1999-2001), Member of the Administrative Committee (1999- 2007) and Vice-President of IABSE (2001 2004). As President of IABSE (2004-2007) he put great emphasis on the Young Engineers Programme and on raising the visibility of IABSE. The financial situation was improved by establishing clear agreements with conference organisers, and operation was facilitated by establishment of guidelines.

Manfred Hirt continues his engagement for IABSE: he is Chair to the Scientific Committee for the IABSE Conference 2010 on 'International Structural Codes' and member of the Advisory Group to the Executive Committee of IABSE.