Alain Golay, Switzerland

Honorary Membership was presented to Mr Alain Golay "in appreciation of his outstanding and dedicated service to the Association for thirty-four years as Executive Director of IABSE from 1971 until 2005". The Award Ceremony was presented by Prof. Manfred A. Hirt, President of IABSE, at the Opening Session of the IABSE Symposium ‘Responding to Tomorrow’s Challenges in Structural Engineering’ on September 13, 2006.
Alain Golay received his degree in Civil Engineering in 1967 from what is today the EPFL, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland. In 1971, Alain Golay joined the Association as part-time Secretary, whilst still working in Engineering Company in Zurich. Three years later, he became full time Executive Director of IABSE.

Alain Golay has realised projects of great importance for the development of IABSE:
  • Creation of the IABSE Technical Committee (1974)
  • increase of Working Commissions, Task Groups, Ad-hoc Groups
  • differentiated membership categories and fees
  • a Long Range Plan
  • the quarterly IABSE Journal, Structural Engineering International (SEI)
  • the Structural Engineering Documents series (SED)
  • the IABSE Foundation
  • the IABSE Awards
  • the IABSE Homepage and
  • Inter-Association Conferences
Alain Golay left IABSE October 2005, after 34 years of devoted and loyal services. He served 7 presidents: Maurice Cosandey, Bruno Thürlimann, Hans von Gunten, John Hanson, Klaus Ostenfeld and Manfred A. Hirt.