WC 2: Steel, Timber and Composite Structures

The Working Commission is, in its field of activity, responsible for the active support of the objectives of the Association. It support in this respect all other committees of the Association.

Field of Activity
WC 2 is concerned with load-carrying structures made of steel, aluminium, wood and wood-based materials, as well as composite structures where these materials are combined with other materials, including advanced composite materials. The field comprises all aspects of planning, design, analysis, erection, operation and dismantling of such civil engineering structures. Special attention is given to questions concerning efficient design and structural behaviour.

To the Technical Committee

1 - 2 per year, contact Chair


NameCountryPositionTerm StartTerm End
Mr. Bert H. HesselinkNetherlandsChair20152019
Prof. Richard StroetmannGermanyVice Chair20152019
Dr. Stephen HicksNew ZealandMember20112019
Dr. Tech. Vesa JärvinenFinlandMember20112019
Prof. Roberto LeonUnited StatesMember20112019
Prof. Graziano LeoniItalyMember20152019
Mrs. Marion RauchGermanyMember20152019
Mr. Paul SkeltonUnited StatesMember20112019
Prof. Brian UyAustraliaMember20152019