Keynote Lectures

Akio Kasuga, Japan
Challenge for next Generation of Concrete Bridges, Non-metallic Bridge with Zero Cement Concrete

Enzo Siviero & Viviana Martini, Italy
Bridges in the World Heritage List Between Culture and Technical Development

Rosario Ceravolo, Italy
Condition Assessment, Monitoring and Preservation of Some Iconic Concrete Structures of the 20th Century

Elsa Caetano, Portugal
Achievements and Challenges on the Condition Assessment of Cable Structures

Yves Weinand, Switzerland
Towards Sustainable Timber Construction Through the Application of Wood–Wood Connections

Wojciech Radomski, Poland
Bridge Aesthetics - Functional and Structural Needs Versus Architectural Imagination

Wojciech Lorenc, Poland
Composite Dowels: The Way to the New Forms of Steel–Concrete Composite Structures

Jan Biliszczuk, Paweł Hawryszków, Robert Toczkiewicz & Krzysztof Żółtowski, Poland
Outstanding Civil Engineering Structures Built in Poland

Jan Bień & Marek Salamak, Poland
Management of Bridge Structures - Challenges and Possibilities