Theme and Topics

Objective and Scope

The goal of this conference is to attract world-class practitioners and academics for meaningful discussions on recent and future developments and applications in the areas of risk analysis and data intelligence for bridges and infrastructures.


Risk Intelligence of Infrastructures


Risk analysis & multi-hazard assessment
- Design consideration for natural and man-made disasters
- Assessment of reliability, risk and resilience 
- In-operation performance evaluation of structures 
- Risk assessment and management of multi-hazards 
- Risk-informed decision making and management 
- Financial solutions for infrastructure risk management

Data intelligence & field informatics
- Value of Information (VoI) 
- Smart operation and effective maintenance 
- Information modeling framework for infrastructure 
- Data-driven evaluation of structural conditions and decision-making 
- Monitoring techniques concerning structural conditions 
- Identification of structural damage, properties and loads 
- Advances in NDE/NDT for assessment 
- Automatic data processing of large databases