General Information


The conference venue will be the Convention Center of the Hoam Faculty House located at Seoul National University. Direct limousine bus services between the Incheon Airport and the Hoam Faculty House (duration: about 1.5 hrs) are available in intervals of approximately 30 minutes.

Grand Room


Accommodations are available at the conference venue, the Hoam Faculty House. Participants can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with a view of the Gwanak Mountain. Alternative accommodations are available in downtown areas with access to public transportation.

Hoam Faculty House

Seoul, Soul of Korea

Center of politics, economy, and culture for six centuries.
Seoul is a historically cultural city, and has served as the capital of Korea for more than 600 years. It is a metropolis with a population of more than 10 million. Being one of the world’s largest and most advanced cities, Seoul serves as the political, economic, and educational hub of Korea. The city lies in a natural basin surrounded by a series of mountains and hills, and its grandeur and magnificent scenic beauty makes it one of the most attractive metropolitan cities of the world. Aside from enjoying a bustling pace of life and modern architecture, the residents of Seoul take great pride in a number of invaluable cultural assets that showcase the city's long history. (

Gwanghwamun                                              Han River