Nantes, France, will host the 40th IABSE Symposium with the main theme of “Tomorrow’s Megastructures”. Popularised in the 1960s as an architectural concept, a megastructure is referring to a very large manmade object, though the limits of precisely how large this is varies considerably. The term could be applied to any especially large or tall building, but also to enormous self-supporting artificial constructions.

Megastructures represent the most ambitious and spectacular constructions in the world which are all incredible technological achievements of great human adventures. As the Jules Vernes’ birthplace (who wrote many adventure novels, including a premonitory “Paris in the Twentieth Century”), Nantes is definitively the best place to address the following challenges:

• Megastructures: a radical paradigm shift or simply a change of scale?
• Today’s and tomorrow’s megastructures and megaprojects
• New trends for innovations in the construction, the preservation, the exploitation and the upgrading of structures.

Dates and Venue
The Symposium will be held at The Cité Nantes Events Centre, from Wednesday, September 19, to Friday, September 21, 2018.

The IABSE Annual Meetings will take place just prior to the Symposium, from Monday, September 17, to Tuesday September 18, 2018, also at The Cité Nantes Events Centre. It is the prime conference centre of western France and is located in the city centre, close to the train station.

Symposium Format
The Scientific Programme will include Plenary, Sub-Plenary and Concurrent Sessions over three full days. Panel Discussions and Poster Sessions will also be incorporated into the programme. Papers covering different themes and topics of the Symposium will selected from abstracts submitted to the Scientific Committee. They will be presented orally or by poster. A commercial exhibition is planned at the Symposium venue.

The Preliminary Invitation and Call for Papers will be published in 2017.