Task Groups

Task Group Name
TG1.1 Improving Seismic Resilience of Reinforced Concrete Structures
Andreas Lampropoulos, UK
TG1.2 Design of Bridges against Fire Hazards
Ignacio Paya-Zaforteza, Spain
TG1.3 Calibration of Partial Safety Factors for the Assessment of Existing Bridges
André Orcesi, France
TG1.4 Probabilistic Non-linear Finite Element Modelling – Reliability and Safety Formats
Alfred Strauss, Austria
TG1.5 Performance-Based Design Founded on Lessons from Bridge Failures
Anton Syrkov, Russia
TG1.6 Benefits for Practical Application of Risk and Reliability Considerations in Structural Engineering
Jochen Köhler, Norway
TG2.1 Construction History for Design
Nicolas Janberg, Germany
TG2.2 BIM Basics for Digitalization
Peter Seitz, Germany
TG2.3    Education
Ignacio Paya-Zaforteza, Spain
TG3.1 Super Long Span Bridge Aerodynamics
Giorgio Diana, Italy
TG3.4  State-of-the-art Report on Extradosed Bridges Mike Schlaich, Germany  
TG3.5 Time-dependent Behavior and Design of Composite Steel-Concrete Structures Luigino Dezi, Italy  
TG3.6 Artificial Intelligence in Structural Engineering Vesa Järvinen, Finland  
TG4.1  Bearings & Joints Leigh Appleyard, Australia  
TG4.2  Essentials on Construction Methods State of Art
Renato Batos, Czech Republic  
TG4.3  Risk, Accidents and Incidents during Construction
Hugo Coelho, Portugal  
TG4.4  Applicable Standards and Actions during Construction Stage
Javier Muñoz-Rojas, Spain  
TG4.5    Monitoring in Construction
Filipe Magalhães, Portugal  
TG4.6  Specific Constructive Challenges in Cable-Stayed & Suspension Bridges
Miguel Angel Astiz, Spain
TG4.7  Time Consumptions In Different Construction Methods Thierry Duclos, France  
TG4.8  Building Equipment Specifications Pedro Borges, Portugal  
TG4.9  Cost-Efficient Design Considering Construction Methods Selection Carlos Bajo, Spain  
TG4.10  Specific Constructive Challenges in Logistics António Souza, USA  
TG4.11  Specific Constructive Challenges Acelerated Bridge Construction Methods Atorod Azizinamini, USA  
TG4.12  Methods for Bridge Demolition TBD  
TG4.13  Construction Methods with New Materials Tomasz Siwowski, Poland  
TG4.14  Special Heavy Lifting Methods for Bridge Construction Javier Martinez, Spain  
TG4.15  Summary on Critical Recommendations on Bridge Construction Methods and Processes Pedro Pacheco, Portugal  
TG5.1  Forensic Structural Engineering
John Duntemann, USA  
TG5.2 Key performance indicators: Definition 
Jose Matos, Portugal
TG5.3  Diagnostics: Organization and Data Requirements 
Tomasz Kaminski, Poland
TG5.4 Structure management systems (SMS): Survey on Implemented Decision-making Models
Poul Linneberg, Denmark
TG5.5 Conservation and Seismic Strengthening / Retrofitting of Existing Buildings: Historical Structures
Andreas Lampropoulos, UK
TG6.1 Effects of Climate Change on Infrastructures
André Orcesi, France
TG6.2 Disaster Debris Management
Mitsuyoshi Akiyama, Japan
TG6.3 Structural Design with Recycled Aggregate Concrete
Jorge de Brito, Portugal
TG6.4 Value Protection of Built Environment
Tobia Zordan, Italy