Technical Groups

Structural Engineering is all around us, contributing to a better life and, in few cases, making it even possible. Our passionate members voluntarily participate in IABSE’s technical activities to further the practice and research in structural engineering.

Implemented in 2017 by the Technical Committee, Commissions and Task Groups are at the heart of the restructured technical organization of IABSE.

Organizational Concept

The Technical Committee (TC) is responsible for the overall technical activities of IABSE. It promotes, co-ordinates and assesses the activities of all technical groups.

Commissions (C) monitor and coordinate the work done by Task Groups. They are long-term bodies encompassing a broad range of topics organized according to a stage in the life-cycle of a structure, namely:

  • Performance & Requirements
  • Conceptual design
  • Structure analysis & evaluation
  • Construction methods & processes
  • Existing structures
  • Sustainability

Task Groups (TG)
are short-term units targeted for well-defined objectives, typically investigation of technical interest or concern. Within a 2-3 year timeline, these groups produce actual deliverables, which may include a publication, a themed conference session or workshop, a suite of papers in 'Structural Engineering International', or other agreed output.

Technical Committee    
Chair Daia Zwicky, Switzerland
Vice Chair Andrew Martin, Denmark    
Core Members Ann Schumacher, Switzerland    

Eugen Brühwiler, Switzerland    

Juan Sobrino, Canada    

Rob Vergoosen, Netherlands    
Niels Peter Høj, Switzerland
  Annette Bögle, Germany    
  Richard Stroetmann, Germany
  Pedro Pacheco, Portugal    
  Rade Hajdin, Switzerland    
  Xin Ruan, China    
  Naeem Hussain, Hong Kong
  Andreas Lampropoulos, UK    
  José Turmo, Spain    
  Guido Morgenthal, Germany
  Harshavardhan Subbarao, India
  Fernando Madrazo Aguirre, UK