IABSE’s technical Commissions and their Task Groups provide opportunities to exchange knowledge & professional expertise with international peers. These Commissions cover the stages within the life-cycle of any structure:

Commission 1 – Performance & Requirements
- Problems related to structural performance and safety of civil engineering structures and requirements to be established for structural performance, both in design phase and beyond

- Enhancement of design and assessment strategies for all kinds of civil engineering structures, including support for decision-making

Commission 2 – Conceptual Design
- Holistic understanding of design processes, including social as well as technical, functional and aesthetical aspects, for any type of structure
- Promotion of the value of good design in achieving highest quality legacy of infrastructure and built environment for the future

Commission 3 – Structural Analysis and Evaluation
- Problems and progress related to structural analysis and evaluation of any type of structure
- Exchange of knowledge and experiences among worldwide practitioners

Commission 4 – Construction Methods & Processes
- Activities contributing to deeper understanding and best practices in construction methods and processes for all structures

Commission 5 – Existing Structures
- Development & enhancement of methods and tools for economically efficient, environment-friendly, and socially reconcilable decision-making process for any type of existing structure
- Supports technical activities in structure management, from concepts, methods to data processing

Commission 6 – Sustainability
- Provision of guidance towards sustainable development in structural engineering, both from theoretical and practical aspects
- Development of sustainability aspects, including framework, design, disaster prevention & control, construction & maintenance, demolition & function expansion, new materials and value protection.

Commission 1
Vice Chair
Niels Peter Høj, Switzerland 
Ana Mandic Ivankovic, Croatia
Commission 2  
Vice Chair
Annette Bögle, Germany
José Romo Martin, Spain
Commission 3
Vice Chair
Richard Stroetman, Germany
Vesa Järvinen, Finland

Commission 4

Vice Chair
Pedro Pacheco, Portugal
Javier Muñoz-Rojas, Spain

Commission 5

Vice Chair
Rade Hajdin, Switzerland
Jose Campos e Matos, Portugal

Commission 6

Vice Chair

Xin Ruan, China
Mitsuyoshi Akiyama, Japan