Auditing Committee

The Auditing Committee consists of:

  • two internal Auditors and a Substitute

  • the external Auditors, a professional auditing company, appointed by the Permanent Committee, upon recommendation of the internal Auditors.

The Auditing Committee checks the accounts of the Association which are submitted with their report to the Permanent Committee.
The internal Auditors check the implementation of instructions given by the Permanent and Executive Committees.

to the Permanent Committee

at least once a year

Contact us: For any queries or to contact the Chair, please write to us at:

Internal Auditors

NameCountryPositionTerm StartTerm End
Dr. Olivier Burdet, Ecole Polytechnique Férédale de Lausanne, IBETONSwitzerlandAuditor2009 
Dr. Kristian Schellenberg, Tiefbauamt GraubündenSwitzerlandAuditor2015 
Prof. Dr. Marion RauchGermanySubstitute Auditor2017