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It is a global challenge to accommodate an ever increasing population and to ensure adequate mobility and quality of life for all. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to provide the basis for societal development, including development of infrastructure, habitation and production facilities.

Structural engineering has a significant role in designing structures and infrastructure to meet the challenge of urbanization which is resulting in increasing numbers of mega cities all over the world.

Tunnels and underground structures is one of the solutions to make the best use of the available land and to develop green livable cities. In addition, these underground structures may be used as a means to mitigate the effects of climate changes and extreme weather, for instance by providing sustainable storm water management systems.

This special issue of Structural Engineering International is intended to showcase tunnels and underground structures – actual projects at design or construction stage, recently completed structures as well as new concepts. In line with the objective of the Journal, focus is on structural aspects, design, innovation, new materials, construction methods, monitoring, maintenance, upgrade of existing structures as well as sustainability.

Some keywords are provided for inspiration below. The list should not be considered exhaustive and other subject areas within the topic may be proposed.

Increasing population and urbanization
Making best use of available land
Green livable cities
Mitigating effects of climate change
Record-breaking and/or unique tunnel and underground structures pushing the boundaries of technology

Tunnels for road, rail and metros
Tunnels for utilities and storm water
Covered Trenches
Underground structures, e.g. stations, car parks, reservoirs
Immersed tube tunnels, TBM, drill and blast
Permanent works: Tunnels and portals, cross passages
Temporary works and construction methods
Joints and seals: Structural aspects 

Planning, design, analysis, construction, monitoring, maintenance, upgrade/rehabilitation, demolition 

Knowledge and process:
Theory and tools
Extreme loading, e.g. fire and explosion
New ways of collaborating (BIM) 

Innovation and new concepts:
Submerged tubular bridges / submerged floating tunnels
New materials

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