Dr. Masato Abe


On the occasion of the Annual Meetings of IABSE Mr.Klaus Ostenfeld, President of IABSE, presented the 2001 IABSE Prize, to Dr.Masato Abe on March 21, 2001 in Malta "in recognition of his major contributions to the advancement of structural dynamics and its application to the resolution of practical engineering problems".

The IABSE Prize is presented annually to an IABSE member of 40 years of age or younger, for an outstanding contribution in structural engineering.

Born in 1967, Masato Abe received his degree in Civil Engineering in 1990 and his master of engineering in 1992 from the University in Tokyo. After receiving a Ph. D. from the Northwestern University in 1995, he was appointed to Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Tokyo in 1995, and promoted to Associate Professor in 1998.

In addition to his contributions to the advancement to the field of structural dynamics and control through a number of research articles, he has also been actively working on various practical problems, such as: analysis of seismic performance of bridges, in 1995 Kobe Earthquake and 1999 Taiwan Chi-Chi Earthquake; the development of seismic design and control methods of structures with energy dissipation devices; the performance evaluation of base-isolated bridges and long-span bridges using vibration measurements; the investigation and the failure of the Scientific Flyer Unit, a scientific satellite launched by Institute of Space and Astronautical Sciences of Hapan.

His approach to combine the latest development of theory and practice are highly appreciated both in academia and engineering community. Currently, he is expanding his area to the study of structural health monitoring and application of smart structure concept to maintenance of civil infrastructure.