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News / Coming Events / Activities / Meetings

April 21, 2017- The British Group of IABSE is  delighted to welcome you to Future of Design Sheffield 2017,
a full-day conference and dinner in Sheffield aimed at promoting innovation and inspiring the designers of
the future. This is the eleventh Future of Design Conference organised by the International Association for
Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) British Group. The 2017 conference will be held at The University
of Sheffield, in The Diamond. More information..

May 31, 2017 -  Each year the British Group of IABSE holds its Annual Lecture and Dinner. This year’s lecture will be given by Laurent Ney on ’Old and New – Designing in an Historical Context’. He will talk about the design of a bridge, how this process is strongly influenced by the constraints of the Site, whether the landscape, the urban setting, heritage issue or even procedural one.
Date and place: May 31, 2017, 18:00-19:3, IStructE HQ London, UK, more..

Event Reports 2016

November 24, 2016 The Milne Medal is awarded to an individual engineer for excellence in structural design, both in the overall concept and in the attention to detail in their work, and is named in recognition of the late Bob Milne, who served for many years as the Honorary Secretary of the IABSE British Group. James O’Callaghan wowed a packed audience at the IStructE headquarters with his presentation for the 2016 Milne Medal. Read the report..

Henderson Colloquium 2016  - Report
Since 1975 the British Group of IABSE have held a two day colloquium in Cambridge every summer for about 25 invited participants. The purpose of the event is to exchange views on a structural engineering theme of topical importance. Each participant is invited to make a short presentation to trigger constructive discussions in the relaxed surroundings of Christ’s College. Delegates at the 2016 Henderson Colloquium met to discuss “The Restoration and Preservation of Historic Structures”.  Read the report by Jason Hyde here..
'Future of Design London' Report

On September 8, 2016, built environment professionals gathered for the 10th IABSE British Group Future of Design event in London. Aimed at promoting innovation and collaboration to young designers, attendees were treated to a day full of inspiration, creativity and discussion.
Read the report by Harpreet Singh Sidhu here..

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Video Report on Future of Design Conference, organised by the IABSE  British Group on September 18, 2014.


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