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November 5-6 - The third Istanbul Bridge Conference (iBridge2018) was held in Istanbul Hilton Hotel, which was attended by 250 participants. Like its predecessors, iBridge 2018 was intended to provide a continued discussion platform to develop safe, sustainable and economically feasible solutions to be followed in bridge research, design and construction worldwide. The current engineering challenges faced by the international bridge community was debated. There were special sessions discussing the collapse of Morandi Bridge in Genoa and the new Canakkale 1915 Bridge, which will surpass the world span length record when completed. That such a conference was held in ─░stanbul, a metropolis that straddles two continents separated by a strait, now crossed by three major suspension bridges, is emblematic of the significance of modern transportation requirements for increasingly mobile societies. During the Conference 2018, the expected attendance was evenly distributed among the designers, construction engineers, academics, and students as observed in the past conference, with participants coming from 25 different countries. The organizers are in the process of publishing the conference proceeding. The Conference had Keynote speakers as well several presentations. During the Technical tour, about 30 people were taken to the venue of the Canakkale 1915 Bridge.
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