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April 25 - The Spanish Group of IABSE and University CEU San Pablo will organise a Lecture: Engineering + Art + Architecture by William Baker & Mark Sarkisian. More information, Click here!
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November 15-16, the Spanish Group of IABSE organized a current Spanish Structural Engineering conference and Workshop on Bridge Design 2018, in collaboration with the Technical University of Madrid. Professionals, academics, and students attended the two-day event. The aim of this event was to promote design, inspire future generations and encourage creativity by showing avant-garde, innovative and stimulating structures designed by the most renowned Spanish structural engineers. Photos, videos and full program can be found here:

Photos: Participants with tutors and Conference 1: Speaker Alejandro Bernabéu Larena, Bernabéu Ingenieros; Conference 2:Guillermo Capellán Madrid, Arenas & Asociados.
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June 20-21, The Spanish Group is supporting the Conference ‘DINEST2018, 1ª Conferencia de Dinámica Estructural’ in Madrid, 20-21 June 2018. More information (Spanish) 

February 6,
 The Spanish Group of IABSE, together with the Institute of Technology of CEU San Pablo University, is organising the conference 'From Structural Design to Design of Structures' and contest. The aim of this event is to promote design, inspire future generations, explore different approaches and encourage creativity.. read more.. 


July 2017 - The ‘Practische Studie’ Association of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology and the Spanish Group of IABSE organised a technical and cultural visit to Spain. It was held in July 2017, and about 45 students and professors from TU Delft University visited the cities of Bilbao, Madrid, Salamanca, and San Sebastian, their more important and interesting structures and their culture. 'Practische Studie’, first got in touch with IABSE two years ago. It was due to a small visit to Switzerland, more..