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Prof. Corneliu Bob
Dept of Civil Eng. F. Chopin No. 2 300316 TIMISOARA ROMANIA


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April 5-6,
The National Technical-Scientific Conference "Modern Technologies for the 3-rd Millennium" held in Oradea -Romania. It was organized by University of Oradea and Arhicon Top Association in collaboration with Romanian Group of IABSE. The Conference were sponsored by 10 Societies, among them Lafarge-Holcim, Mapei, Black Light, etc. At the Opening Ceremony a presentation about the "IABSE 90" have been given by Professor Corneliu Bob, the President of Romanian Group of IABSE.

The Conference was attended by 90 participants how have proposed for the discussion 48 papers in Plenary Sessions and 12 posters. The main subjects presented were:
  - About the modern analysis of the structures.
  - Seismic vulnerability assessment of the historical buildings.
  - The technologies for rehabilitation of the structures.
  - The importance of the construction and demolition waste.
  - Experimental determinations done on the foundation soil and the structure elements.
  - The importance of traditional energy resources and their influence on the environment.
  - The role and importance of monitoring of different works by geodesic methods.

After each presentation very professional debate was at the conference.

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The Romanian Group of IABSE has recently elected Professor Corneliu Bob as it’s new Chair. He succeeds Prof. Liviu Crainic who has served in this position since 2003.  Prof Bob’s is a former member of WC 8 and currently active as a member of the Bulletin Editorial Board , he has been a devoted Delegate to the Permanent Committee for many years. IABSE looks forward to working with Prof. Bob and thanks Prof. Crainic for his dedicated service to the Association throughout the years.