Romanian Group of IABSE


Prof. Corneliu Bob
Politechnica of Timisoara
Dept of Civil Eng.
F. Chopin No. 2
300316 Timisoara
Phone: +40-56-19 2999
Fax    :  +40-56-19 2998



News / Coming Events / Activities / Meetings

The Romanian Group of IABSE has recently elected Professor Corneliu Bob as it’s new Chair. He succeeds Prof. Liviu Crainic who has served in this position since 2003.  Prof Bob’s is a former member of WC 8 and currently active as a member of the Bulletin Editorial Board , he has been a devoted Delegate to the Permanent Committee for many years. IABSE looks forward to working with Prof. Bob and thanks Prof. Crainic for his dedicated service to the Association throughout the years.

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