Norwegian Group of IABSE


Dr. Lars Toverud
Chief Struct. Eng.
Multiconsult AS
Postboks 265 Skoyen
0213 Oslo
Phone: +47-93-25 1732
Fax    : +47-22-11 2860


Mr. Svein Erik Jakobsen
A. Aas-Jakobsen AS
Lilleakerveien 4
0283 Oslo

Phone: +47-41-46 5863


Coming Events / Activities / Meetings


March 1, 2018 - The Norwegian Group of IABSE arranged a seminar on March 1, 2018, for members of IABSE and others within the bridge community. The subject chosen for this annual event was: “Design and proof checking of bridge structures - how to maintain the engineer’s structural understanding in an increasingly digitized everyday life”. There have been some unfortunate incidents regarding bridges in operation and bridges under construction lately, causing increasing negative focus from the press. In addition, we have seen that advance structural analyses and digital tools to some extent have weakened young designers structural understanding. Read the full report.

February 8, 2017 -  The Norwegian Group of IABSE conducted its first seminar and workshop ‘Recent Norwegian bridge projects and international bridge activities’.The happening gathered 58 participants from consulting companies, public clients and universities. There were introductory presentations from the host Multiconsult including a presentation about IABSE. Recent Norwegian bridges Dolmsund, Sandsfjord, Tresfjord, Vassbotten, Forra, Driva, Harpe, Kvam, Farris and Hålogaland were presented by the respective designers, forcusing on challenges in the design and construction. In the final session, the historical and current international bridge activity of companies like Norconsult, Aas-Jakobsen and NRS was outlined.  The seminar more or less gathered the whole Norwegian bridge society, many young people, and was a huge success. See the programme here..

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