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IABSE Connect Seminar ‘digital techniques and the end of the structural engineer’
Report by Rudi Roijakkers, Dutch National Group

On 23 February 2020, the Dutch Group of IABSE organised an IABSE Connect Seminar at the office of Movares in Utrecht, which was attended by around 80 structural and civil engineers. The goal of this event was to give a broad overview of new digital techniques like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and how they will change the work of the structural engineer.

Main topics covered included:

(1) What are the chances of further digitisation?
(2) What are the risks for the quality of engineering services?

The following presentations were given addressing these main themes:
- Peter Russel, TU Delft; "Machines learning: Buildings teaching"
- Jeroen Coenders, White Lioness; "To commoditise advanced technology: Parametric Digital Twins"
- Rudi Roijakkers, ABT/BORG; “digitalisation in design and engineering”
- Ritchie Vink, Xomnia / Crux; “Machine Learning goes underground”
- Sean Merrifield, Arup; “Digital Bridge Assessments, A new age solution to an age-old problem”
- Koen van Viegen, RHDHV; “Data Driven Design”
- Maarten Veerman, Witteveen en Bos; “The new CAD: Code Aided Design”

The symposium continued with a panel discussion with some questions and answers, with experts that included: Rob van de Waal from IV consult; Sabine Delrue from Arup; Rudi Roijakkers from ABT and Jeroen Coenders from White Liones. The symposium ended with a drink, where all attendees could continue share their ideas and thoughts. The main outcome of the symposium was that the engineers saw the value of the developments and agreed that more collaborations are needed to advance further. Possibly not only at national, but at an international level.

October 9,
Rijkswaterstaat and the Dutch National Group of IABSE organized together with CROW the seminar ‘CUR96 Recommendation FRP Structures UPDATE’ at Bouwcampus, Delft, The Netherlands. This seminar targeted structural engineers and architects. Similar seminars were previously held in 2012 and 2013 in Utrecht at the Rijkswaterstaat building. The Dutch CUR96 “Fibre reinforced polymers in buildings and civil engineering structures” which got revised and translated in English and both years versions got published by CROW, in October 2019. To celebrate this publication this seminar was organised, which also had strategy talks by the Rijkswaterstaat and the Province of Fryslân, the most important revision aspects of the CUR96, the FRP research of the Delft University of Technology. The final lecture from CEN WG4 FRP Structures, about the progress to come to a Eurocode, FRP Structures, shall be organised sometime later. Handing over the first updated CUR96 to Rijkswaterstaat by CROW was the closure to this program and Ane de Boer, IABSE Netherlands chaired this seminar. Download the report.

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June 13 - Structural Engineers Seminar
A Seminar will be held at Witteveen+Bos, Stationsweg 5, 4811 AX Breda, which will have a selection of the Dutch and Belgian contributions to the IABSE Nantes symposium and the IABSE conference in Copenhagen, last year. The seminar shall consist of presentations as on the following topics: structures and architecture, land mark bridges, buckling instability, hybrid structures, robustness, reliability, existing bridges and renovation, proof load testing, strengthening and fatigue. Download the programme.
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March 15-16 - The Belgian and Dutch National Groups of IABSE organized Young Engineers Colloquium 2019 (YEC2019) on 15 and 16 March 2019 at Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands. YEC2019 is especially meant for young engineers to exchange knowledge internationally, with the focus on Belgium and the Netherlands. The colloquium was open to all professionals interested in structural engineering regardless their age, but apart from the keynote speaker, all presenters are young engineers under 35 years of age. Download the Report. 

February 5 - The Dutch Group of IABSE organized a successful seminar “Connect” on February 5, 2019 entitled “High-Rise Buildings in The Netherlands”. The purpose of this seminar was to provide Dutch engineers from academia and practice the latest knowledge about high rise buildings in The Netherlands and also to enhance networking among practitioners. Various topics were covered:
   • construction aspects,
   • wind,
   • deep foundations,
   • sustainability
   • and risk analysis

After the opening of Karel Terwel (TU Delft and IMd raadgevende ingenieurs) the following presentations were given:
   • High-Rise Buildings, international experiences - Jan Beckers (Hollandia Structures);
   • Sustainable high-rise construction - Gerran Lankhorst (Royal HaskoningDHV);
   • Wind and slender high-rise buildings, beyond regulations? - Rob Treels (IMd Raadgevende Ingenieurs);
   • Execution aspects of high-rise buildings in urban areas - Joris Hesselink (BAM)
   • Foundation on the second layer of sand: advisable or not? - Ed Revoort (Funderingstechnieken Verstraeten)
   • Risk analysis for CC3 projects: an integral approach? - Jan van der Windt (formerly Zonneveld ingenieurs)

The seminar was closed with a livelypanel discussion “Ask me anything” where questions of the public were answered by the expert panel. The participants showed their interest and lively discussions were held during the breaks. The fully booked seminar of 100 participants was hosted by Movares in Utrecht.

May 24 - The Dutch and Belgian National Groups of IABSE organize the seminar ‘Vancouver - Engineering the Future’ at Witteveen+Bos in Breda IABSE, more.

March 15 - The Dutch Bridge Foundation (Bruggenstichting), together with the Dutch National Group of IABSE, organized the 5th Dutch National Bridges Day on 15 March 2018 at Rijkswaterstaat in Utrecht, The Netherlands, with 191 participants. The theme of the day was ‘Landmark Bridges’. Keynote speaker was prominent IABSE member Mike Schlaich (in above Photo-Left, talking to H.H.B.Snijder-Right), managing director at sbp and professor at TU Berlin. He focussed his presentation on Yamuna Bridge at Wazirabad, New Delhi, India. He pointed out the importance of a landmark bridge fitting well into the landscape giving a boost to its surroundings but also told the audience that there is nothing wrong with a proper functional bridge. Other contributions discussed a renovation project of a monumental bridge in Nijmegen, a new railway bridge in Utrecht, the role of the architect in bridge design and a newly planned bridge over the river IJ in Amsterdam. Students of Delft University of Technology pitched their graduation projects on bridge design. The day was chaired by IABSE Vice-president Bert Snijder of Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands.
Photographer: G.J. Luijendijk

January 30 - IABSE NL organised a successful seminar “Connect”. The purpose of this seminar was to provide Dutch engineers from academia and practice the latest knowledge about connections, and to connect with each other. Various topics were covered, like glueing of steel structures, 3D printed connections in steel, 3D printing in concrete, demountable connections in steel, and earthquake proof connections. Participants showed their interest, and during breaks lively discussions were held. The fully booked seminar (100 participants) was hosted by Movares in Utrecht.