Dutch Group of IABSE


Mr. Bert H. Hesselink
Movares Nederland B.V.
Daalsplein 101
PO Box 2855
Phone: +31-30-265 4267
Fax    : +31-30-265 4555


Mr. Frank Maatje
Vereniging Bouwen met Staal
Louis Braillelaan 80
2719 EZ Zoetermeer
Phone: +31-88-353 1212


Coming Events / Activities / Meetings


May 24 - The Dutch and Belgian National Groups of IABSE organize the seminar ‘Vancouver - Engineering the Future’ at Witteveen+Bos in Breda IABSE, more.

March 15 - The Dutch Bridge Foundation (Bruggenstichting), together with the Dutch National Group of IABSE, organized the 5th Dutch National Bridges Day on 15 March 2018 at Rijkswaterstaat in Utrecht, The Netherlands, with 191 participants. The theme of the day was ‘Landmark Bridges’. Keynote speaker was prominent IABSE member Mike Schlaich (in above Photo-Left, talking to H.H.B.Snijder-Right), managing director at sbp and professor at TU Berlin. He focussed his presentation on Yamuna Bridge at Wazirabad, New Delhi, India. He pointed out the importance of a landmark bridge fitting well into the landscape giving a boost to its surroundings but also told the audience that there is nothing wrong with a proper functional bridge. Other contributions discussed a renovation project of a monumental bridge in Nijmegen, a new railway bridge in Utrecht, the role of the architect in bridge design and a newly planned bridge over the river IJ in Amsterdam. Students of Delft University of Technology pitched their graduation projects on bridge design. The day was chaired by IABSE Vice-president Bert Snijder of Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands.
Photographer: G.J. Luijendijk

January 30 - IABSE NL organised a successful seminar “Connect”. The purpose of this seminar was to provide Dutch engineers from academia and practice the latest knowledge about connections, and to connect with each other. Various topics were covered, like glueing of steel structures, 3D printed connections in steel, 3D printing in concrete, demountable connections in steel, and earthquake proof connections. Participants showed their interest, and during breaks lively discussions were held. The fully booked seminar (100 participants) was hosted by Movares in Utrecht.

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