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October 11-12, Berlin: 6th Young Engineers Colloquium 2019 by the German and Polish Group of IABSE.
Within this colloquium, young engineers could present student projects, PhD research papers as well as construction projects from all fields of civil engineering. Keynote Speaker was Michael Virlogeux.
The presentations were in English. Prizes awarded to the best presentations, valued up to 1000 €. The Organizing Committee received interesting contributions from young engineers under 35 years of age (born 1985 or later). For further information please visit our website at
Read the report.

5th Young Engineers Colloquium 2018
13-14 April, 2018 - the 5th Young Engineers Colloquium organized by both the German and Austrian group of IABSE took place at Bundeswehr University in Munich. The presenters from Algeria, Austria, England, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, Poland and Germany showed the results of their work from research and practice in oral sessions as well as poster sessions accompanied by elevator pitches. A total of 28 papers were presented. A variety of topics were covered, from basic principles of mechanics through innovative bridge or building engineering to digital and parametric design. On the second day of the event the technical walks on two construction sites took place. One on the almost finished new Bavaria Towers in Munich and the other to the huge motorway project A94. If you are interested in next year’s Colloquium please contact the organizing committee via Further information can be found here..

Event Reports

March 31 to April 1, 2017 - The German and the Dutch Group of IABSE and the Institute for Structural Engineering of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum jointly hosted the 4th Young Engineering Colloquium in Bochum, providing an international platform for young engineers to network and exchange across the borders. Oral and poster presentations were awarded. A report is given here.

Excursion to 'Hochmoselbrücke', Zeltlingen-Rachtig, Germany - June 10-11, 2016,
Joint event of the Swiss and the German GroupRead the report

On April 1, 2016,  the German Group of IABSE together with the Danish Group of IABSE jointly hosted a Colloquium in Hamburg, making it a platform for young engineers to network and to have fun in true IABSE style! Three awards were presented , read the report. See the programme here. 

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