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University of Zagreb
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Mr. Ivan Lukacevic
University of Zagreb
Faculty of Civil Engineering Zagreb
Kaciceva 26
Zagreb 10 000
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October 16, 2017 till January 5, 2019 - Croatian National Group of IABSE supports the research project CODEbridges: Influence of concrete damage on reinforcement corrosion - computer simulation and in service performance of bridges, founded by Unity trough knowledge fund, more..


June 12, 2018 - The Workshop was organised by the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering and held on the 12th June 2018. The workshop has been organised in two parts. The first part of the workshop has been about theoretical background of the RFCS SBRI and SBRI+ projects. The presentations of the SBRI+ project and Holistic consideration of the sustainability on steel-concrete-composite bridges were held by Darko Dujmović and Ivan Lukačević from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Croatia. The second part of the workshop consists of presentations of SBRI+ manuals, SBRI+ tool and worked examples presented by Ivan Lukačević and Boris Fuštar from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Croatia.

The workshop was received well accepted by the participants. After each presentation, there was a round of discussion, where many interesting opinions were expressed. The audience consisted of representatives of the authorities, suppliers (coatings), structural engineers, master students and professors - Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Architecture all from University of Zagreb and professors from Zagreb University of Applied Sciences. The workshop was very successful and the participants agreed that the holistic approach for analysing the life-cycle design of bridges presented in the workshop is an important theme.

Photos from the Workshop



March 18-22, 2019 - Croatian group of IABSE supports the RILEM SMSS 2019 CONFERENCE to be held in Rovinj, Croatia, 18 – 22 March 2019. IABSE members may be particularly interested in the conference segment: Challenges in design and management of structures providing a forum for discussion on problems related to structural performance for the whole life cycle of the civil engineering structures. The part of the event will be a PhD symposium creating a professional platform for excellent young engineers to discuss and improve their scientific developments with established experts.

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