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August 13 -
The Colombian Group of IABSE held its Elections for a new Executive Committee, following the decision of Prof. Luis E. Garcia to step down as the Chairman of the Colombian National Group of IABSE.

The elections were carried out during a meeting of the Colombian National Group called by Carlos Mendez, VP of IABSE. The meeting was held at Capital Tower in Bogota, Colombia. Currently the Colombian Group of IABSE has 17 members, which is a positive sign of the growth of the National Group.

After formal reception of the nomination forms from all the interested members, the following members were elected unanimously to be part of the Executive Committee:

Chairman: Juan Andrés Oviedo-Amezquita
Vice-Chairman: Nelson Betancour-Suarez
General Secretary: Alfredo Gutiérrez-Cayon
Treasurer: Luis David Fernandez-Vasquez
Member: Jairo Uribe-Escamilla

With deep appreciation for Prof. Garcia’s efforts and leadership at the Colombian NG during the past years, the newly elected Executive Committee looks forward to continuing having his support and experience at the NG.

The new Executive Committee shall now call for a General Assembly, and prepare a workplan for the next two years, with a focus on strengthening and increasing the presence of IABSE in Colombia and in the region.

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J. Oviedo 
  N. Betancour 
Vice Chair

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