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IABSE President met Canadian Group of IABSE’s Chair
On December 20, 2019, IABSE’s newly elected President, Prof. Yaojun Ge visited the world-famous Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory at the University of Western Ontario (UWO), Canada and had discussions with Prof. Greg Kopp, who is the Acting Dean of the College of Engineering and Director of the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory. During this visit, the Canadian National Group Chair, Prof. Michael Bartlett of UWO, also met the President along with Sébastien Maheux, a student of UWO and representative of the IABSE YEP Board. Their meeting was focussed on discussing how to spread the message of IABSE and invite more members to join, particularly keeping in mind the over 1,000 members of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering (CSCE) and the American Society of Civil Engineering (ASCE) in Canada. The Canadian NG mentioned that in future they plan to form an Executive Board which would make it easier to organise activities for IABSE Members across Canada. There were also some discussions for a future Young Engineers Colloquium, similar to the YEC events conducted in Germany in October, and in Japan in November, 2019. If any of the Canadian Members wish to initiate an activity, or has an idea please contact the Chair to discuss it further.

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The Canadian NG, under the Chairmanship of Michael Bartlett is trying to encourage young (and young at heart) IABSE members to contact the engineering schools in their area to volunteer to serve as advisors to student teams designing and building pedestrian bridges in developing countries. This addresses the IABSE objective “to encourage awareness and responsibility of the structural engineers towards the needs of society.” The Canadian NG is also trying to mobilize smaller groups (hubs) across the country to cover its vast area, and logistically make it easier for members living in different parts of this big country to avoid travelling, save time and work more intensively in their areas and involve non-members in IABSE’s mission and work worldwide. National Groups which are located in big countries need to brainstorm to come up with creative ideas to make IABSE’s work more visible in every region, and Canada’s plan of action to tackle this issue is worth a try! 

Announcement of New Chair, F.M.Bartlett and thank you for a job well done to A.Gygax !
IABSE extends a warm welcome to F. Michael Bartlett (Photo above-Left), Ph.D., F.ACI, F.CSCE, F.IABSE, P.Eng., Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies), Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Western Engineering London, Canada; as the new Chair of Canadian IABSE Group, and extends heartiest congratulations and thanks to Adrian Gygax (Photo above-Right), P.Eng. Struct.Eng., Principal, Gygax Engineering Associates Ltd., Vancouver for his successful Chairmanship of the IABSE Canadian NG in the past few years, and also for successfully hosting the IABSE Vancouver Symposium in 2017 along with the Organizing and Scientific Committees. Thank you and Welcome!