Xiamen North Railway Station Building, China

Xiamen North Railway Station Building is located in Xiamen City. The station plays a vital role as a junction in Chinese coastal high-speed railway network and serves as a catalyst for further economic growth in the area. With 453m long, 287m wide, and 57m high, the station is composed by the main station building, the viaduct and the platform canopy. The station has the waiting hall layer above the railway lines, the platform layer, and then exit layer for various functions. Twelve curved surfaces form the roof of the main station building with bi-directional spans and a columnless waiting hall.

The railway station integrates the structural form with the Chinese traditional Minnan architecture style, namely, one-way purline. It’s the first time in the world to combine the mega steel reinforced concrete tower column, large-span steel truss and curved box-section PC beam together to form an innovative mega hybrid frame structure as lateral and vertical force resisting system of the railway station. This structural style satisfies the requirements of architectural profile and functions. The tower columns and the mega steel trusses are connected by steel plates and prestressed tendons, which successfully solves the problem of the connections between the large-span steel trusses and their supports.

Xiamen North Railway Station is the world’s first structure using the innovative space grid roof consisting of bi-directional unequal height intersection trusses with spans of 132m×220m. An innovative steel cylinder joint is designed and adopted according to the features of the new space grid structure. Through these innovations, the steel consumption of the roof is as low as 110kg/m2, achieving considerable economic benefit.