Viaduct over the River Ulla, Spain

The Viaduct over the River Ulla, opened to traffic in April 2015 and constitutes the most important intervention in the High-Speed Railway Line between the cities of A Coru┼ła and Pontevedra, in Galicia, in the northwest of Spain. The design and construction of the viaduct has been a great engineering challenge due to the important environmental constraints, the huge dimensions of the steel segments, and the restrictions established for the three different constructive processes: incremental balanced cantilevers, vertical lifting of complete spans, and incremental launching. All these constraints led to a very transparent continuous composite steel-concrete truss girder deck, looking for the maximum integration into a very beautiful landscape, with 1620 m length and three outstanding main spans (225+240+225 m ), which leads to beat the previous world record established in 1993 by the Nantenbach Bridge Germany.