Canton Tower, Guangzhou, China

Canton Tower is located in Guangzhou. Its total site area is 175460 m² and building area is 102000m², the height is 600m. It consists of a 454m main tower and a 146m antenna mast. The Tower consists of five functional segments and four hovering segments from bottom to upper. It has 39 floors, including 2 underground floors with 5m story height. 

The Tower provides sightseeing, restaurant, theatre, television broadcasting technology centres, and recreational areas, etc. The architectural design was carried out by Architects Mark, integrated with architecture, structure and aesthetics, turning waist of the Tower brings different façade effects and multidimensional facades.

The Canton Tower has higher difficulty on design codes and key considerations because of its special shape and height. The design difficulty are resolved by using universal hinge point, supported connection, initiative and passive control for structural vibration, temperature impact analysis, antiseptic and fireproof steel, stability analysis etc., furthermore, the safety and economy efficiency are ensured, it can be used for reference for other analogous projects.

The Tower integrates structure style and architecture effect and has become a landmark building in Guangzhou with innovative technologies in active and passive control for structural vibration, temperature impact reduction, and safety and economy efficiency.