Abeno Harukas, Japan

Abeno Harukas (hereinafter “Harukas”) is Japan’s tallest skyscraper, standing at 300m, which was completed in March 2014. Harukas building is situated in Abeno, Osaka, is located immediately above the station and a super high-rise vertical city with the gross floor area of approx. 212,000 sqm. Rising 60 stories above the ground and five underground stories, this tower incorporates diverse functions: a terminal station, a department store, an art museum, a university, offices, medical facilities, a hotel, an observatory, rooftop gardens and more. The structural design incorporates restrain deformations with the seismic core, three main outriggers and two outriggers. The appropriate dampers are layout around the voids. The structure is transparent both on the outside and inside. People outside can feel the dynamism of the activities inside the high building through the voids and outriggers. Those inside can feel how light and wind are quietly transmitted into the depths of the building through transparent voids that link interior space three dimensionally. Furthermore, the densely-accumulated uses and information are comfortably intersected with one another through the users of vertical transparent flow lines in the building. Harukas is an innovative and simulating structural system that excites the senses of all people related to this building.