2012 Olympic Velodrome, London, UK

IABSE presents the Outstanding Structure Award 2013 to the 2012 Olympic Velodrome, London, UK, ”a combination of simple technologies creatively combined and engineered to produce an elegant, innovative and sustainable building”. The Velodrome is a world-class venue which intelligently answers questions of function, beauty, sustainability, buildability and value. Inspired by the dynamism and geometry of the track and the engineering rigour of high performance bikes, the truly integrated design and construction team set out to design a building that makes no distinction between architecture and engineering. The Velodrome has been very well received by the Client and also by the legacy operator and cyclists. With cycling at its core, the building is a combination of simple technologies which cumulatively have produced an exciting, elegant and innovative building.This Award is one of the highest distinctions awarded by IABSE and recognises, in different regions of the world, some of the most remarkable, innovative, creative, or otherwise stimulating structures, but not necessarily the largest, longest, highest, or otherwise record-breaking structures. Sustainability and respect of the environment are also an important factor. More information..