Theodossios Tassios, Greece

The International Award of Merit in Structural Engineering is conferred by IABSE for outstanding contributions in the field of structural engineering, with special reference to their usefulness to society. Professor Theodossios Tassios, Greece, one of the leading personalities of the technical world in Greece receives the award “in recognition of his outstanding contributions for more than 50 years to structural engineering as a professor and an engineer, in particular in the fields of research on concrete and its behaviour under seismic conditions”. He is one of the pioneers regarding the reformulation of reinforced concrete and masonry mechanics and the elaboration of materials laws, which led to the creation of Eurocodes. His contribution to the seismic behaviour of structures, to the elaboration of aseismic designing methods and regulations are extraordinary. Beyond academic and technical matters, he has combined scientific and social activities and developed the research on ancient Greek technology. More information..