Professor José Calavera, Spain

The International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) presents the International Award of Merit in Structural Engineering 2015 to Professor José Calavera, Spain “for bringing together the facets of a professional designer and director of relevant structural works with research and teaching, which he has brilliantly developed throughout his life, obtaining worldwide recognition”.

As a structural engineer José Calavera has carried out and managed projects using structural concrete so important such as the cableway Fuente-Dé and the Monument to the Castilla, both in Cantabria, Spain. His work carried out for steel structures in roofs such as the Real Madrid Sport Pavilion and Mahou Brewery in Madrid, and the National Cattle Market in Torrelavega, Santander, Spain, are landmarks in Spanish Structural Engineering. His works show versatility and talent to use structural materials in its best way, and although for many of them it was necessary to use extensive structural knowledge, the simplicity of its forms made possible to project them without today's sophisticated tools that are available for structural design.

Professor Calavera also has a researcher spirit, which he has translated into reality through the activities of the Institute INTEMAC, which he founded and of which he is now Honorary President. At this Institute, along its 45 years of existence, extensive research programmes on assessment of existing structures, methods of strengthening, behaviour of materials in aggressive environments, etc., have been developed, which have formed the basis of many of the methodologies applied to analysis of structural pathology cases and to design of strengthening solutions. In addition, his research on assessment of the bearing capacity of structures affected by variations in material strength or dimensional deviations was extremely relevant, especially taking into account the years when it was initiated and developed. His work was made available to the technical community in the many committees and working groups of national and international technical associations in which he participated, such as FIP, CEB, IABSE, which allowed him to hold significant positions and to be awarded with many important distinctions.

As a teacher at the Technical University of Madrid, he has had a brilliant career and has directed 27 doctoral theses. His technical publications, in particular 17 books on structures testify a life dedicated to transferring his knowledge to society.