Hai-Fan Xiang, China

Hai-Fan XiangThe International Award of Merit in Structural Engineering is conferred for outstanding ontributions in the field of structural engineering, with special reference to their usefulness to society. Contributions may include various aspects in Planning, Design, Construction, Materials, Equipment, Education, Research, Government, and Management. IABSE has presented the International Award of Merit to Professor Emeritus Hai-Fan Xiang, China,
“in recognition of his outstanding contributions to structural engineering as a professor and an engineer, in particular in the fields of long-span bridge design and wind resistance research on bridges as well as flexible structures”.

Hai-Fan Xiang, graduated from Tongji University with bachelor degree in 1955 and master degree in 1958, and was enrolled in Tongji University since then. He gained the Research Fellowship of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, and worked on the earthquake-resistance of cable-stayed bridges as a visiting professor at Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany for one and a half years. After returning to Tongji University in 1982 he devoted his research fields to wind-resistance of long-span bridges.

Since 2007 he is Emeritus Professor of Tongji University and was the first Chairman of Department of Bridge Engineering, the founding Dean of the College of Civil Engineering, and the Director of the State Key Laboratory for Disaster Reduction in Civil Engineering. He has published over 10 books and numerous articles domestically and internationally.

According to his outstanding achievement and versatile contributions to Bridge Engineering and Wind Engineering, Hai-Fan Xiang is the third Academician in Bridge Engineering and the only Academician in Wind Engineering, and has been recognised as the leading expert in Bridge Engineering and the Founder of Bridge Wind Resistance in China. He has also made significant contributions to structural mechanics and design, including analytical stability analysis, structural dynamic calculation and construction process control.

Major project responsibilities: Hai-Fan Xiang has been Advisor for Wind-induced hazards for super long bridges (NSFC); Steel construction for San Francisco New Bay Bridge; Wind-resistant study on Xihoumen Bridge (suspension); Wind-resistant study on Sutong Bridge (cable-stayed) and has been responsible as Director for following studies: Wind-resistant study on Shanghai Lupu Bridge (arch); Grand research project of NSF of China; Research and design of the Shanghai Inner Ring Viaduct; Wind-resistant study on the Shanghai Yangpu Bridge; Wind-resistant study on the Shanghai Nanpu Bridge.

He was awarded the title of the National Outstanding Expert by the State Council of China in 1986, and was selected as an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1995. He has received more than 20 national awards and several international awards including Honorary Membership of IABSE, the Anton Tedesko Medal of the IABSE Foundation for the Advancement of Structural Engineering.

Hai-Fan Xiang is President of the Bridge and Structural Engineering Institution of CCES. He joined IABSE in 1992; he served IABSE as Vice-President from 2001-2009 and was a Member of the Foundation Council (2005-2011). He was a dedicated Member and Chair on Scientific Committees of IABSE conferences (Seoul 2004, Shanghai 2004 (Chair) and New Delhi 2005). Currently he supports IABSE as a Fellow and as a Member of the Structural Engineering International (SEI) Advisory Board.