Héctor Beade Pereda, Spain

The IABSE Prize honours an IABSE Member early in his or her career for outstanding achievements in structural engineering. IABSE has awarded the IABSE Prize 2016 to Héctor Beade Pereda, Spain, ‘in recognition of his contribution to the design of bridges improving the quality of the built environment, thanks to an enthusiastic and rigorous, aesthetically and structurally holistic approach to bridge design’ .

Héctor Beade Pereda has always been committed to excellence in his designs, trying to harmonise, from the very early stages: functionality, structural coherence, aesthetics, durability and sustainability, respect of the history and culture of the site, environmental suitability, appropriate scale, buildability and economy.

Born in 1976 in A Coruña, Spain, Héctor received his Civil Engineering degree (MEng) from University of A Coruña, Spain, in 2000. Over the course of his career, he has had the opportunity to be involved in every stage of the bridge-building process, from conception to construction. Apart from his frequent role as a conceptual and structural designer, Héctor’s extensive experience in diverse lines of bridge-related work has improved his designing skills, allowing him to design bridges that, with a fair economic investment, are structurally coherent, aesthetically pleasant, constructible and durable. Thanks to his global bridge expertise, he has been responsible for the conception of a number bridges, many of them competition winning designs and innovative solutions, always trying to meet all the project requirements while simultaneously adopting an aesthetically and structurally holistic approach to design. He is committed to excellence in all the work he undertakes, regardless of the magnitude of the challenge.

In addition to his involvement in a variety of bridge projects ranging from small footbridges to world-record High Speed Rail viaducts, Héctor has also been part of the design team of some remarkable unconventional building proposals and has had the chance to personally collaborate with prestigious architects such as Pritzker Prize-winner Rafael Moneo. Some of the relevant projects Héctor has been involved in are: Almonte High Speed Railway Viaduct in Caceres; Zorrotzaurre Bridge in Bilbao; Third Millennium Bridge Zaragoza (Spain), los Noriaa footbridge in Logrono, Metropol Parasol in Seville, Expo 2008 Bridge Pavilion in Zaragoza (Spain) St. Elmo Breakwater Footbridge in Valletta Grand Harbour (Malta).