Prof. Yozo Fujino, Japan

The International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE) presents Honorary Membership 2016 to Prof. Yozo Fujino, Japan, ‘in high appreciation of his outstanding and dedicated services to the Association’.

Yozo Fujino is a world-famous expert in bridge dynamics, wind effects of structures, passive/active control technology and monitoring of bridges, with a special focus on long-span bridges. He has also played a leading role internationally in bridge engineering as the adviser to vibration problems and remedies on the Millennium Bridge in London, the Stonecutter Bridge in Hong Kong, the design of active control system to new Heathrow Airport Control Tower, the design and construction of the Padma Bridge in Bangladesh amongst others. For these international contributions he was awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon by the Emperor of Japan (2007).

Yozo Fujino has been a Vice-President of IABSE from 2005-2013, a member of SED Editorial Board (2003-2011) and of WC1 on ‘Structural Performance, Safety and Analysis’ (1999-2005). Currently he is serving as a member of the SEI Advisory Board, the IABSE Foundation Council, and as the Chair of the Japanese Group of IABSE. He has been involved in many international conferences, in particular, the IABSE Nara Conference 2015, was a great success both scientifically and financially, under his leadership as the Chair of Organising and Scientific Committees. The IABSE Outstanding Paper Award 2014 in the Category Scientific Paper was presented to “Vibration Mechanisms and Controls of Long-Span Bridges: A Review" which he authored together with Dionysius Siringoringo (published in SEI 3/2013).