Professor S. S. Chakraborty, India

IABSE Honorary Membership has been awarded to Prof. S.S. Chakraborty "in high appreciation of his outstanding services to the Association in several committees, in particular as Vice-President of IABSE from 1997 – 2005 and for his eminent role in the 2005 IABSE Conference in New Delhi, setting forward the structural engineering community to involve itself in societal development". Prof. Manfred A. Hirt conferred the Award to him on September 19, 2007 in Weimar, Germany, at the Opening Session of this years IABSE Symposium.
Prof. Chakraborty received his Degree in Civil Engineering in 1957 at the University of Calcutta, India. He is at present Managing Director of 'Consulting Engineering Service (India) Private Limited', one of the largest of its kind in the South and South-East Asia region. He is Chairman on numerous professional boards and Distinguished Visiting Professor for the 'Indian Institutes of Technology'.

In his career he has been involved in many prestigious engineering projects. He has been providing overall guidance and ensuring coordination among the multiple disciplines for infrastructure facilities in India and abroad.

The main fields of his expertise are capital-intensive engineering projects, including involvement in the design of many long-span bridges. His expertise extends to all aspects of planning and design of road connectivity.

He has an enviable record in addressing emergency reconstruction programmes through structural engineering efforts that takes cognisance of civil society requirements. This was most visible in the Marmara Earthquake Emergency Reconstruction project in Turkey and also in India, in the Latur Earthquake.

Other important aspects of his professional personality to be mentioned are:
- his promotion of Public Private Partnership (PPP), understanding that resource mobilisation is the most critical aspect in infrastructure development. The most recent and highly notable being the Nivedata Bridge in Kolkata on BOT format with Prof. Chakraborty as the chairman of the Concessionaire. His involvement was comprehensive. The bridge has been recognised with an award as the best innovative international bridge by the American Segmened Bridge Institute, the first time an Indian bridge has been so acclaimed.

- furthermore, his advocacy of technical education in India, by giving lectures at the 'Indian Institutes of Technology', emphasising the need for real-time accommodation of technical developments in the syllabi, including increased practical orientation.

Prof. Chakraborty former Vice-President of IABSE (1997-2005) is an esteemed and active Member since he entered the Association in 1979. He has been highly engaged in numerous IABSE Committees. He was also:

- Vice-Chair of the OC for the very successful 14th IABSE Congress in New Delhi in 1992
- Chair of the SC for the New Delhi Colloquium in 1999 and
- Chair of the SC for the New Delhi Conference on the 'Role of Structural Engineers’ towards Reduction of Poverty', in 2005.