Gilson Marchesini, Brazil

Gilson Marchesini, graduated as a Civil Engineer in 1968 from the National School of Engineering, University of Brazil (now the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). After his studies, in 1969, he joined the company Sobrenco Engenharia, directed and owned by Sergio Marques de Souza, who was Vice-President of IABSE Chair of Brazilian Goup and Honorary Member of IABSE. In 1975/76 Gilson Marchesini worked two years in Algeria for Rabello Constructions, where he participated in structural design, projects and construction work, for which Oscar Niemeyer had done the architecural design. After he returned to Brazil, in 1977, he became Director of SOBRENCO and is since 2004 stock owner of the company.

Gilson Marchesini joined IABSE in 1980. Through his personal engagement, he contributed considerably to the success of the Annual Meetings and IABSE Symposium in Rio 1999, for which he served both as a Member of the Organising and the Scientific Committees. He was a Member of the Scientific Committee of New Delhi 2005 and a Vice-President of IABSE from 2001-2009. He was one of the first to support to the so called ‘IABSE Lecture Series on the Internet’ with the recording of the lectures from a Brazil Workshop he had organised in 2001 together with Jörg Schneider, Switzerland. He consecutively joined the E-Learning Board in 2007, of which he is a Member until today. He continues to support the Association as a Fellow (since 2001 ), as Member of the Advisory Board of the
Executive Committee, as Vice-Chair of the Brazilian Group of IABSE, Delegate to the Permanent Committee, and as a Member of the Advisory Board for the 2013 IABSE Symposium Kolkata.