Aarne Jutila, Finland

Professor em. Aarne Jutila, Finland, has been awarded with Honorary Membership of IABSE ‘in recognition to his outstanding services to the Association’. The President of IABSE, Jacques Combault, will present the Award on occasion of the IABSE Annual Meetings and 34th Symposium in Venice, September 19 – 24, 2010.
Born 1940 in Helsinki, Professor Aarne Jutila received his Civil Engineering degree at Helsinki University of Technology (TKK) in 1966, major subject 'Bridge Engineering'. After graduation he studied a year at ETH, Zurich, as 'Bundesstipendiat' under the guidance of Prof. Bruno Thürlimann. Later he worked as bridge designer at Kjessler and Mannerstråle Ab in Stockholm and Tapiola, Finland, as Assistant Lecturer at Queen´s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland, and as section chief at the Finnish Road Administration’s bridge design office (TVH) in Helsinki before founding of and working for three consulting engineering companies. Besides that he also worked as assistant, laboratory  engineer and, since 1984, as Professor of Bridge Engineering at TKK. He retired in August 2008 and continues his bridge  ngineering activity as Managing Director of Extraplan Oy, consulting engineers, that he founded in 1977.

He joined IABSE in 1967, and has since then held numerous functions within the Association: Secretary of the Finnish Group 1972-88 and Chair since that, Vice-Chair of the Organising Committee of the 1988 Helsinki Congress, SEI Correspondent and Member of the Editorial Board 1991-2000, Member of several scientific ommittees (Malmö 1999, New Delhi 2005, Dubrovnik 2010), Chair of the Scientific Committee of the Lahti Conference in 2001, member of the Execute Committee and Vice-President 1999-2007.

Aarne Jutila continues his engagement for IABSE: Chair of the Finnish Group, Member of the Permanent Committee, Member of the Foundation Council Board, Member of the Advisory Group to the Executive Committee of IABSE, and Member of the Working Group 3 'Guidelines for Design Competitions for Bridges'.