SEI Open Access - NEW

Structural Engineering International (SEI) is now supporting Open Access (OA) – both Gold and Green.
Upon request, Corresponding Authors can now avail the option of having their SEI published paper accessible online to public for free.

With Gold OA the author’s article will be permanently available online immediately after publication in SEI (anyone can download for free anytime). Author fees are required for Gold OA.

With Green OA the author’s article will be freely available online (in author’s desired online depository) after 9 months embargo period (i.e. after publishing in print SEI). Author fees are not required.

A few papers per SEI issue, or on case to case basis, will be made available online as OA.
The rest of the papers will remain accessible via Subscription or IABSE Membership.

What are the SEI Open Access options?


Gold Open Access

Green Open Access


Paper's link will be hosted on IABSE website under ‘SEI Open Access’ and the full paper can be downloaded from Ingenta for free.

Author can post his published SEI paper in any online depository.


IABSE Members:  CHF 200

Non-members:    CHF 300

No fee: written permission required.


Access to paper on ‘SEI Open Access’ is immediate, upon publication of paper in SEI and receipt of funds.

The author may also host the paper in an open access depository, as soon as it is published in SEI.

Embargo period of 9 months
(i.e. author is permitted to host online after 9 months of publication in SEI).


By invoice


Open Access procedure:

Step 1: Corresponding author to submit the paper through Manuscript Central and simultaneously send an email to with the following information: manuscript ID; type of OA; prospective host, should the author decide for the Green option.

Step 2: Peer-review and decision on the paper: If accepted for publication by the SEI Editorial Board, author will receive a confirmation for OA; and invoice for payment (i.e. if opted for Gold OA).

Step 3: Publishing the OA paper in SEI print: If author opted for the Gold OA – IABSE will host the paper online via Ingenta;  if Green OA – author will get the right to host the paper in his preferred online depository, only after 9 months of publication in SEI print.