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In time with the celebration of the 80 years of IABSE  the IABSE Congress Reports, IABSE Reports, IABSE Periodica and IABSE Publications from 1929 - 1999 were scanned and were made accesible online free of charge. Their availability on the Internet improves the accessibility and distribution of this invaluable source of information on structural engineering for experts, professionals and the public.

Search functionality allows full text searches for words in the articles. Or you can browse the archive by title, author or year to find a treasure of information on research, projects and IABSE.

This project has been supported by the IABSE Foundation and has been realised in co-operation with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) and the Swiss Electronic Academic Library Service (SEALS).

The IABSE Series are described below:

IABSE Congress Reports (1932-  )
The IABSE Congress Reports collect the papers presented at the quadrennial IABSE Congresses of IABSE. These have a broad coverage of themes and are of a high technical-scientific standard. First published in 1932, contributions may be in either in English, German or French until 1992. After 2000 the quadrennial IABSE Congresses paused and continued in 2008.

IABSE Reports (1965-  )
These publications collect the papers accepted for presentation at the IABSE Symposia and Conferences. They are on particular themes and are of a high technical-scientific standard. They were first published in 1965 and are published 1-2 times yearly.

IABSE Periodica (1977-1990)
Published from 1977 to 1990, this quarterly series included five titles: IABSE Surveys, IABSE Journal, IABSE Proceedings, IABSE Structures, IABSE Bulletin.

IABSE Publications (1932-1976)
Published between 1932 and 1976, this series presents 700 theoretical and research articles as well as technical reports in the field of structural engineering. Until 1967, there was one book published per year; afterwards two books were published annually. They are considered valuable historic reference documents.