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Book Release: Structural Engineering Document (SED 17) on Extradosed Bridges, Edited by Mike Schlaich

Published in December 20, 2019!

Extradosed bridges can be an elegant and economical solution for bridges with spans ranging between 100 and 250m. This novel type of cable-supported bridges has become quite successful in recent years first in Japan and then all over the world. Experienced members of the international bridge community have come together in Working Commission 3 of IABSE to share their knowledge and to prepare a SED which provides the reader with guidance and practical advice that was not available so far. This book contains useful information regarding conceptual and structural design, analysis, construction, cost and typical properties of Extradosed Bridges. Authors of this SED are: Mike Schlaich (Editor), Andreas Apitz (Co-ordinator), Thierry Duclos, Akio Kasuga, Jose Romo Martin, Serge Montens, Chithambaram Sankaralingam and Juan Sobrino. This SED was prepared along with above Chapter Authors and several other contributors including Nirmalya Bandyopadhyay, Don Bergman, Alok Bhowmick, Xu Dong, Zhao Liu, Guido Morgenthal, Robin Sham, Jose Turmo and Edo Vonk.

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    Mike Schlaich
José Romo Martín

  Andreas Apitz
  Serge Montens
  Thierry Duclos
  Akio Kasuga
  Juan Sobrino

IABSE Bulletin Board:
H.Subbarao, (Chair), D. Laefer, (Vice Chair), M. Bakhoum, C. Bob, M.W. Braestrup, N.P. Hoej, H.H. Snijder, R. Mor, M.G. Bruschi, S. Kite, F. Nalon, G. Pircher, M. Knobloch, A. Schumacher, O. Larsson Ivanov, F. Nalon, Y. Offir, S. Dan, Y. Xia.

Reviewers for this SED: Naeem Hussain, Marcos Sanchez, Roman Geier and Jiri Strasky; and guest reviewers Andreas Apitz, Koneru Bhavani, Werner Brand, Araby El-Shenawy, Kris Mermigas and Hermann Weiher.
Author talks about the book:

156 pages in English
ISBN 978-3-85748-168-0 
Format: 170x240 mm
Published: December 2019 

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Publisher: IABSE, Jungholzstrasse 28, 8050 Zurich, Switzerland


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