IABSE motivates and encourages promising young researchers and practioners to share their experience with more experienced colleagues, wishes to offer them the possibility to build up a professional network.

The Association launched its first 'Young Engineers Programme (YEP)' in cooperation with the Australian Group of IABSE at the IABSE Symposium in Melbourne 2002. As a result of its success, the Programme has since then been repeated every year at international IABSE Symposia, and has also found popularity at local conferences organised by National Groups of IABSE. 

The Young Engineer Programme's objectives are to: 

- Actively support and develop the objectives of IABSE,  by focusing on issues relevant to young engineers.
- Increase the participation of young engineers in the Association's activities.
- Increase the activities for young engineers,  during the annual IABSE Symposia, through specially designated sessions and social events.
- Facilitate international networking with more experienced colleagues
- Recruit new IABSE Members


Here is an example of the Benefits offered to Young Engineers under 35, at the yearly IABSE Conference:

- Reduced conference fee
- Free IABSE membership for the following year of the conference
- Two prizes of 2000 EUR each, awarded to outstanding contributions personally presented by the author (paper or poster).

- YEP Social Event
- Networking with IABSE Fellows

The YEP is supported by IABSE Fellows and the Organising Committee of the IABSE Conference.
It is open to all young engineers, members (younger than 35 years) member or non-member participating in IABSE Symposia or Conference.