To apply for online for IABSE membership click here, or use the convenient button
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Membership Category   Full Fee        Minimum Fee   
Individual Membership:
Young Membership:
       Student Member: 27 years old and younger            
       Young Engineer:  34 years old and younger
20 CHF   
105 CHF
20 CHF         
55 CHF*, **  
35-65 years   235 CHF   115 CHF***    
over 65 years
  150 CHF   75 CHF***    
 Collective Membership:   635 CHF
510 CHF***    

Country     Individual Member
Additional Fee
    Collective Member
Additional Fee
      7 CHF          19 CHF
Switzerland     10 CHF

50 CHF
United Kingdom    
    10 CHF  
Please contact the
Chair of the British Group
*   National Group levy will be added to the applicants from the following countries, which is forwarded to the respective National Group. 
**  A minimum fee will apply to Individual or Collective member having residence in a country with an annual gross domestic product (nominal) per capita below USD 5,000.