WG 8: Forensic Structural Engineering

 Interview with Robert T. Ratay, USA, 
Chair of WG Forensic Structural Engineering 
Consulting Structural Engineer; Adjunct Professor,
Columbia University NY, 

Robert T. Ratay, USA

The ultimate objective of WG Forensic Structural Engineering is to mitigate structural failures and 
improve forensic engineering practices. To those ends it endeavors to
(i) report on the engineering investigation of structural failures
(ii) encourage improvements of design and construction practices based on the lessons learned from failures 
(iii) publicise techniques of field and analytical investigation of failures 
(iv) promote ethical forensic engineering practices 
(v) inform of effective dispute resolution procedures and(vi) through publications and seminars increase the awareness of students and practicing engineers of the causes, prevention and consequences of failures, thereby increasing the safety 
and reliability of structures."


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Operating since fall 2011, the WG’s first activity has been the research and production of the paper, An Initial Survey of Forensic Engineering Practices in Some European Countries and the USA,  that was prepared by members of the WG and presented by one of the members, Karel Terwel, at the ASCE 6th Forensic Engineering Congress in San Francisco on November 2, 2013. This activity is continuing now, expanded to other parts of the world.  Another specific activity we are considering is providing seminars/workshops in as many countries as reasonable on forensic engineering practice. Others of our intended effort include organising sessions on forensic engineering at IABSE conferences and encouraging the publication of articles on the subject in Structural Engineering International.

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NameCountryPositionTerm StartTerm End
Mr. John F. Duntemann, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates Inc.United StatesChair20162020
Dr. Ir. Karel Terwel, TU DelftNetherlandsVice Chair20162020
Prof. Dr. Eugen Brühwiler, EPFL Ecole Polytechnique FédéraleSwitzerlandMember20112019
Dr. Denes Dalmy, Propontis KftHungaryMember20112019
Mr. Bruno Godart, IFSTTARFranceMember20112019
Prof. Tong Guo, Southeast UniversityChinaMember20112019
Prof. Dik-Gert MansNetherlandsMember20112019
Dr. Fabrizio PalmisanoItalyMember20112019
Dr. Robert T. RatayUnited StatesMember20162020
Prof. Jonathan G. M. Wood, Structural Studies & Design LtdUnited KingdomMember20112019