WG 7: Earthquake Resistant Structures

Annual meeting of Working Group 7, Geneva 2015
The annual meeting of Working Group 7 was held in Geneva on Friday 25th September 2015.
During this meeting, the progress of the various sub-groups of WG7 was discussed and then a technical workshop was conducted with presentations from WG7 members, followed by members’ election and discussion on future activities of the group.

WG7 meeting in Geneva (L to R): Stephanos Dritsos, Doncho Partov, Marina Traykova, Anton Andonov, Eftychia Apostolidi, Christos Giarlelis, Christian Malaga Chuquitaype, Serge Montens, Andreas Lampropoulos (Chair), Devis Sonda, Luca Zanaica, Sergio Hampshire Santos.

WG7 Workshop presentations, Geneva 2015

- A. Lampropoulos: 'Strengthening of existing structures using novel ultra high performance cementitious materials’
- A. Andonov: ‘Analysis and design of critical structures to seismic and other extreme loads’
Ch. Giarlelis: 'EC-8 vs IBC through the actual design of two seismic isolated buildings’
D. Sonda: ‘Preliminary damage survey after Gorkha Earthquake (Nepal 2015)'
D. Mallick: 'Structural Protection Against Earthquakes’
L. Zanaica: 'Seismic Code Comparisons beyond Borders’
M. Traykova: ‘Study of the problems in the seismic retrofitting of existing and historical buildings’
S.Montens: ‘Seismic design of railway bridges’
S. Hampshire Santos: 'Going ahead with the comparison of seismic codes'
S. Dritsos: ‘Seismic Assessment and Retrofitting of Structures:Eurocode8-Part3 and the Greek Code onSeismic Structural Interventions’

Technical presentation abstracts from Workshop London, 2011

C. Bucur - Earthquake and robustness case study concrete roadway viaduct
D. Sonda - Post-earthquake safety evaluation and strenghtening of buildings Haiti experience
J. Oviedo-Amezquita - Current situation of low-rise wall structures in Colombia
M. Gercek - Evaluation of seismic design methodologies in Turkey
S. Dritsos - Earthquake damage a Greek perspective
S. Hampshire-Santos - Comparative study of seismic standards in South American Countries
L. Zanaica - Seismic approach design comparison between IBC and Italian DM2008
S. Bousias - Hybrid Testing of Substandard Buildings Retrofitted Via RC Infilling

Field of activities and objectives

1. Characteristic seismic failures
Identify, from a practical point of view, a list of worldwide characteristic seismic failures. The parameters that lead to seismic failure of buildings and structures should be catalogued.
The objective here would be to develop practical ideas and advice that would lead to better design of new structures, identify the most vulnerable structures and upgrade existing structures in order to avoid seismic failure.

2. Seismic code comparisons
Investigate the discrepancies and similarities between the various seismic codes adopted throughout the World. Concerning: Design of new structures, Assessment of existing structures and Upgrading and retrofitting.
The objective here would be to find a way to harmonise seismic codes and similar guidelines. Grey areas of knowledge should be identified and areas for research could be proposed.

3. Developing countries: Vulnerability and simple strengthening techniques for non-engineered buildings
Examine rapid visual screening procedures to identify seismic vulnerability and investigate simple seismic strengthening techniques for non-engineered buildings in developing countries.
The objective here would be to find the most suitable way or ways to identify structurally deficient non-engineered buildings in developing countries and investigate and/or propose areas for research concerning simple retrofitting techniques in order to increase the seismic resilience of such buildings.

to the Technical Committee
1 - 2 per year, contact Chair


NameCountryPositionTerm StartTerm End
Dr. Andreas Lampropoulos, University of BrightonUnited KingdomChair20152019
Ms. Eftychia Apostolidi, University of Natural Res. and Life Sciences, ViennaAustriaMember20152019
Mr. Christos GiarlelisGreeceMember20112019
Dr. Christian Malaga Chuquitaype, Imperial College LondonUnited KingdomMember20152019
Mr. Juan Andrés Oviedo Amézquita, F'C Control Y Diseño de Estructuras SASColombiaMember20112019
Mr. Devis SondaItalyMember20112019