Task Groups Concept

Definition & creation
Task Group  “a group of people who are brought together to do a particular job […]” (Cambridge dictionary)
A TG is much more focused and specific than a Working Group. 

TG membership
Chair and Vice Chair must be IABSE member
TG Members must not necessarily be IABSE Member but are very welcome to become. There is no limit in number of members!

Apply for a TG
Fill in the tables overview and Terms of Reference (ToR) in the Task Group form  > send to IABSE secretariat.
Secretariat shall forward the TG proposal to the most appropriate commission who evaluates it and coordinates with Technical Committee. After formal acceptance by the commission, the task group can start to work. In case of overlapping activities with field of activity of other commissions the task group shall designate a liaison officer.

TG missions and names
The TG ToR shall clearly identify the particular job to be done. The TG name shall clearly reflect its mission (i.e. specific task). In defining your TG name please think about the following:
- Concerned “life” phase of structure: requirements, actions, conceptual design, structural analysis and design, construction, management, diagnostics, maintenance, improvement, structural evaluation, forensics, demolition, recycling, …
- Type of structure: bridge, building, geotechnical structures, …
- Type of construction material: concrete, steel, masonry, timber, hybrid, FRP, aluminum, glass, alternative, …
- Other specific aspects: size of structure, type of action, analysis method, process, detailing, monitoring, in-situ evaluation, sustainability, …

TG deliverables and time frame
Possible outcomes (= task achievement) : SED, Bulletin, SEI article(s), workshop, e-learning material... Everything can but shall be defined from start of TG activity.
Time frame: max. 4 years but rather target task achievement in two years.