Social Programme

Welcome Reception (incl. in registration fee)
6 October 2020 (Tuesday) 7pm - 9pm
Wroclaw Town Hall

Wroclaw Town Hall is located at the center of the Market Square. It was built in 13th century and is one of the main landmarks of the city of Wroclaw.

YEP Evening Meeting of Generations
(against cost)
7 October 2020 (Wednesday) 7pm - 10pm
Wroclaw Zoo

We shall spend pleasant moments at Wrocław Zoological Garden, the oldest and largest zoo in Poland with an oceanarium that focuses on African fauna. Drinks and snacks will be offered. Additionally participants will have a possibility to go on the Odra River cruise and explore the city from another perspective.

Gala Dinner (against cost)
8 October 2020 (Thursday) 7pm - 11pm
Four Domes Pavilion

Four Domes Pavilion is located next to the UNESCO Centennial Hall in Wrocław. The buildings were erected to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig. Nowadays the Pavilion became the seat of National Museum in Wrocław.