Themes and Topics

The Submission of Abstracts is CLOSED.

Submissions have been invited under the following Themes and Topics relating the overall motto “Engineering the Future”:

Innovations in Structures
    ▪ New methods of design
    ▪ Analysis and modeling techniques
    ▪ High-performance materials
    ▪ Novel structural systems
    ▪ Hybrid and composite construction
    ▪ Innovative construction methods
    ▪ Modular and pre-fabricated construction
    ▪ Accelerated bridge construction
    ▪ Information technology
    ▪ Aesthetics in structural design
    ▪ Alternate project delivery models
    ▪ Other breakthrough technologies
    ▪ Case studies
Existing Structures into the Future
    ▪ Evaluation and assessment techniques
    ▪ Codes of practice for existing structures
    ▪ Structural health monitoring
    ▪ Extending the service life of existing structures
    ▪ Enhancing the durability of structures
    ▪ Climate change adaptation
    ▪ Sustainability
    ▪ Reducing seismic risks
    ▪ Strengthening and repurposing of structures
    ▪ Forensic Engineering
    ▪ Historical structures
    ▪ Learning from eminent engineers
    ▪ Case studies
Performance Based Design
    ▪ Establishing design criteria
    ▪ Reliability and risk in structural design
    ▪ Relationship of perfomance based design to traditional codes
    ▪ Serviceability of structures
    ▪ Design for durability
    ▪ Beyond the 100 year design life
    ▪ Dampers, isolators and structural control systems
    ▪ Natural and man-made hazards
    ▪ Taller, longer and lighter structures
    ▪ Aerodynamics of bridge decks
    ▪ Wind effects on tall buildings
    ▪ Advances in seismic design
    ▪ Design for soil-structure interaction
    ▪ Building resilient infrastructure
    ▪ Case Studies

Authors of accepted papers are expected to attend and be able to present their paper at the Symposium. Information on the acceptance of an abstract and for the preparation of the full paper will be given according to the schedule.


All accepted abstracts and papers will be published in the Symposium Report. The Report will be available in electronic format at the beginning of the Symposium.

A printed book containing 1-page Abstracts of each paper will also be available for purchase at a cost of $15+GST. Note that this printed book does not include short papers. Only a limited number of Abstract books will be available for purchase on-site. To guarantee your copy, pre-ordering with your registration is recommended.

Publication of each paper is conditional upon the presenting author registering to attend the Symposium according to the timeline for papers  available here.