The current global paradigm is one of inclusive growth that puts a premium on mobility of people and goods, across formidable barriers. Under the same paradigm, quality of life in the holistic sense of active community participation in the affairs of society has also gained currency. Meeting these demands has posed challenges to the structural engineering community, particularly in the urban conglomerate where increased population and travel congestion are the ruling scenario.

New Delhi, India, will host the IABSE Symposium New Delhi 2021 with the main theme of “The Changing Skyline and Underground Structures”. This Symposium aims at providing an international forum for the debate on, among others, issues such as the urban skyline, imposition of modern construction on the skyline, underground transportation structures and its effect on built areas, heritage, culture and conservation, sustainability of the built environment, risk and asset management in infrastructures. In addition to Future Trends, the Symposium shall be focusing on cutting-edge issues, such as Novel Management Tools for the Built Environment, Lifecycle Quality Control of Infrastructures, Advanced Frameworks for a Sustainable Built Environment and Risk Analysis Procedures. The Symposium is thus targeted at attendees from different stakeholders, respectively, from academia to industry.

Objective and Scope

The main idea of the IABSE Symposium is the international exchange of experiences and dissemination of specialist knowledge and information in various fields of structural engineering amongst scientists, experts, designers, contractors and all those interested in challenges regarding bridges and other civil engineering structures. Attention will be paid to the synergy of civil engineering and culture under historical aspects as well as to the challenges ahead of us.

The Symposium topics raise a wide range of problems of bridge and structural engineering, including not only technical issues but also their presence in everyday life and culture. Subjects covered are going to be related to various structures: from historical ones, through those designed and constructed contemporarily, to the latest and future solutions and concepts.